The founder of CBS Paints Pte Ltd, Mr. Choo Boo Siang, has more than 30 years of hands-on knowledge and experience in the paint industry. In 2001, CBS Paints Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore. We provide painting and spray painting services for commercial buildings and condominiums.

With our experience, we have provided quality spray painting services consistently throughout the years. Based on our dedication to provide the best, we have built up good relationships with our customers. We provide satisfactory end-products and warranty meeting customer satisfaction with team of highly skilled work force capable of delivering quality spray painting services.

In 2013, we have been selected as the exclusive dealer of Dunn-Edwards Paint in Singapore.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best performing paints and knowledge on paints, while protecting the health and well being of our customers.

We strive to provide top-notch quality services and to meet all of our customers’ demands. Our vision is to create a long lasting environment while not harming the environment.

About Dunn-Edwards Paints

Headquartered in the United States since 1925, Dunn-Edwards Paints has grown from a small family owned company to one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers and distributors of architectural and industrial paints and painting supplies. Dunn-Edwards mission is to provide a complete line of the highest quality, best value paints, painting supplies, and equipment for professionals. Its paint is uniquely formulated to withstand extreme climates, everything from the moisture rich humidity of the Philippines to the dry heat of Mexico and the cold snowy winters of South Korea. The company is dedicated to a greener by design® philosophy and produces its coatings in the world’s first LEED® Gold-certified manufacturing plant.

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