Dunn-Edwards® 2018 Color Of The Year The Green Hour (DET544)



DUNN-EDWARDS® 2018 COLOR OF THE YEAR, THE GREEN HOUR (DET544), draws inspiration from turn-of-the-century Paris, when 5 o’clock became known as “The Green Hour” due to the popularity of absinthe. A darker shade of gray blue-green, this color embodies the timeless sense of mystery and creative revelry of the era.


Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards, spent months researching global color trends and influences to provide a final Color of the Year selection. Her research revealed that green is trending in all color values — cool greens, warm greens, blackened greens, complex greens, gray-greens and many others. And, more importantly, variations on this color have been trending over recent time — lighter cactus and mint greens, to darker teal and blue-greens, paired with a variety of other hues including the highly popular Millennial pink, rose and deep fuchsia.



About The Green Hour

Known throughout French history as l’heure verte, “The Green Hour” is described as the 5-o’clock hour or twilight, when bistros and cafés were filled with patrons, and absinthe was the drink of choice. Absinthe grew in popularity in the 1840s when French troops were served the drink. By the 1860s, absinthe was so popular in French cafes, bistros and cabarets, it became known as The Green Hour. While the drink color is a more vivid green, The Green Hour reflects the time and era. See more inspiration behind The Green Hour here and download a FREE color sample to redeem in-store.



To honor the 2018 Color of the Year, we’re donating 10{a91942028e7ece033baa14cd2f77d647145ec8bc39a7ff7d22b3d1e370ce72a4} of all sales of The Green Hour to Beautify Earth, a non-profit group bringing together artists and communities for neighborhood beautification. With a range of colors to suit any mural need, we are proud to participate in beautifying the world.



We’ve partnered with Pop Up Greens, a Los Angeles-based shop specializing in hand-painted pots, to launch a limited-edition planter collection. The collection is inspired by the Trend Colors for 2018 and highlights five Trend Colors, including our 2018 Color of the Year, The Green Hour! Shop the collection here.